Wildlife Management Plans

Wildlife Management Plan Construction

With the help of different resources and knowledge of ecosystems across Texas, we are able to write detailed management plans for your specific property. These wildlife management plans are used to track long-term goals, submit to the county appraisal for tax breaks, apply for MLDP, DMP, TTT & TTP programs and a lot more! Having a wildlife management plan allows you as a landowner to reach your land goals through a step by step method.

Wildlife management plans constructed by Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife, LLC are 100% unique and tailored to fit your desired goals. The plans themselves are written with a 5 year outlook meaning your specific plan will be utilized for planning, guidance and milestone tracking for 5 years. The plan will also be revisited yearly to asses goals and update if those goals change. The same plan can be submitted to the appraisal district for tax exemption purposes.

Some main topics of interest for landowners in their specific management plans include

  • Grazing plans
  • White-tailed deer management (TTT, TTP, MLDP, DMP implementation)
  • Upland game bird management
  • Invasive species control (flora and fauna species)
  • Rotational burning regimes
  • Rangeland manipulation
  • Habitat management projects
  • Supplemental water and/or feed introduction
  • A combination of all of the above
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