Exotic Species Management

Exotic Species Stocking & Management

Over the past ten years, exotic species have become a popular investment opportunity in the state of Texas. Not only can they be used as an agriculture valuation tool to lower your property taxes, they tend to also produce a higher profit margin than traditional livestock like cattle, sheep, and goats. This is due to

  • Lower overhead cost to maintain
  • Higher resale value
  • Faster growth rate meaning earlier sale
  • Smaller bodied animals meaning less supplemental nutrition (protein feeders)
  • Different feeding structures between species which allows for different exotics to be stocked without elevated interspecific competition
  • Different means of sale (direct sale for removal or commercial hunting)


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Here at Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife, LLC, we are able to help the landowner from A to Z. From conducting an initial site visit to determine how many animal units your particular range can support, to stocking the ranch, to conducting surveys to track population densities, to removing animals when densities become elevated. Give us a call to see how exotic wildlife can help your ranch become more income producing!


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