How We Work


Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife, LLC works with property owners from the beginning of projects, to the end of projects, and even past completion. This relationship generally begins with an onsite consultation between the landowner/property manager and Kolbe Ranches and Wildlife. During this phase, we meet with the owner(s) to assess the goal(s) for the subject property. Items such as time frame of completion, cost of implementation, expected results and maintenance are all key points that we identify during the consultation to ensue we are as transparent as possible. During this phase, we also supply the owner with an executive report that summarizes the visit and provide up-to-date property maps including boundary, soils and habitat that detail the subject property. From here, the landowner is welcome to look over the information we have provided and make an educated decision going forward.IMG_5247 (2)


After discussing all aspects of the particular project, coming to an consensus on price and time frame with the landowner, Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife, LLC has the ability and knowledge to implement all aspects of the project. Whether that project be a density survey, prescribed burn, or a newly constructed custom wildlife management plan, know that we have the knowledge and capability to accomplish any and all of your property goals. I encourage you to visit our services section to view many of the service items Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife, LLC specializes in. If what you are looking for is not there, fill free to reach out to me with a call/text/email to see if we can help with your particular goal!img_2929.jpg


After a particular project is complete, Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife takes it a step further to assist landowners in holistically managing their property. Particular items in range and wildlife management such as habitat management, infrastructure upkeep, target species management and wildlife use appraisals need regular oversight to ensure the goals reached do not regress and management is up to date. Because we know the constant management and inventory needed for landowner to ensure their property goals are met and sustained, Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife goes the extra mile to work with landowners long-term to mange and maintain the projects end goals. For example, we work with landowner to complete their yearly survey to 1) ensure the ranch stays in compliance for the Managed Land Deer Program and 2) track population density trends of target species like white-tailed deer and quail to provide yearly harvest recommendations for the ranch. IMG_1995

Whatever your goals may be, from planning your next deer survey, to understanding the habitat dynamics on your property, or looking to conduct your next wildlife survey or habitat project, Kolbe Ranches and Wildlife, LLC can help! Let us assist you with managing your property resources the right way. Go like us on Facebook @Kolberanchesandwildlife,LLC for more information and photos!


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