About Us

Kolbe Ranches and Wildlife, LLC primary focus is to work with and assist private and public landowners and/or land managers correctly and effectively manage their range and wildlife on lands across Texas. In doing so, we effectively improve game species quality and quantity on your property, provide and improve income streams for the ranch and increase the property investment for the landowner.


Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife, LLC is a full service land management company that works to improve ranch quality, income production and property investment for the landowner. We do so by on sight property assessments, implementing correct and holistic wildlife and rangeland management practices and follow up with maintenance and monitoring to ensure goals are met and sustained. We also specialize in representing buyers and sellers in rural property transactions to appraising properties for subject buyers, sellers, and brokerages.


We are also licensed in real estate and specialize in ranch property transactions across Texas!

If you are looking to buy/sell a ranch check out the CLIENTS tab where you can find more information on how we work with buyer and seller clients find their dream ranch or get their property sold! Check out our SERVICES tab where you can find more detailed information on a few of the management strategies we specialize in as well as insight into our ranch appraisals and real estate services.

If you would like any more information other than what you can find within our site, please feel free to email/call/text to reach out to Nicholas Kolbe, lead biologist and owner.

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